Doorways to Change Online Course

Transform your life

Are you tired of setting goals for positive change in your life, only to find yourself continually procrastinating, finding creative ways to avoid or put off starting?

Do you set yourself goals each year to improve your lifestyle, become healthier and fitter, but after a few weeks these new habits start to slip?

Do you feel deflated and disappointed, questioning why, despite knowing you're capable of so much more, you can't seem to make changes stick?

You're not alone in this struggle.

The path to transformation has many obstacles, but with the right guidance, it's entirely possible to overcome them.

Filled with clear explanations and easy to use tools and techniques, this course will help you take charge of your change process and create the life you want.


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This short, self-paced online course includes:

A comprehensive workbook designed to help you apply what you learn directly to your life.

Engaging video lessons that break down complex concepts into manageable, actionable steps.

Case studies that demonstrate how two people approach their change journey and get results.

Hi, I'm James Hands, an experienced Holistic Psychologist.
I've helped hundreds of people transform their lives, guiding them toward becoming healthier and happier versions of themselves.
This course distills decades of psychological research and practical experience into an accessible, action-oriented program.
As you make your way through the course I am always available for questions or guidance, so don’t hesitate to reach out.  
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Comprehensive Personal Insight 

Offering greater understanding of personal barriers and actionable strategies to overcome them.

Expert Guidance and Support

Utilising my experience as a holistic psychologist to provide expert guidance, combining psychological research with practical experience.

Practical, Real-World Application 

Overcome procrastination and enhance your lifestyle, with practical strategies that are immediately applicable.

Sustaining change isn’t merely about building a new habit through physical discipline; it's about understanding where you're getting stuck and why. This course, Doorways to Change, is designed to help you delve into these challenges, exploring how your thought patterns, and old beliefs, are holding you back.

Unlike other courses that focus solely on habit formation, Doorways to Change offers a comprehensive approach to understanding your personal hurdles and provides practical suggestions for moving forward. You'll learn to fully set your intentions and get a clearer idea of what's keeping you from achieving them, equipping yourself with greater self-understanding and tools to make real progress.

Doorways to Change is your practical handbook for life improvement, grounded in solid research and enriched by real-life applications. The course is designed to be accessible and straightforward, allowing you to understand and apply the concepts immediately for powerful results.

Ready to become healthier?


Ready to clear the mental fog, and improve your mood?


Ready to stop procrastinating and move forward towards your goals?


Ready to become more confident?


Then Doorways to Change is the course for you.


Start this transformative journey and unlock the door to a life of greater purpose and fulfillment.


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