Awaken Therapy
Holistic Psychologist and Spiritual Hypnotherapist

Powerful support, helping you heal, transform and awaken to your true potential

Awaken Therapy
Holistic Psychologist and
Spiritual Hypnotherapist

Powerful support, helping you heal, transform and awaken your true potential

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At the heart of Awaken Therapy is the desire for a better world – a world anchored in love, harmony and compassion.

We all strive for a world where trauma doesn’t dictate our future, where everyone can achieve their full potential, and families nurture new generations to thrive. At Awaken Therapy, we believe this is not only a possibility, but a reality within our grasp.

I understand that confronting painful experiences can be challenging, but you don’t need to face them alone. From feelings of anxiety, sadness, anger and depression to deeper challenges like unresolved traumas – I’m here to guide, support, and empower you.

Your goals, whether they’re to live more authentically, reach your potential, reduce anxiety, or heal past wounds, will find a nurturing, compassionate space here.

My approach to psychotherapy is holistic, combining psychological methodologies, clinical hypnotherapy, spiritual traditions from East and West, practical experience and professional intuition.

In this post-Covid world of high stress and long waiting lists, you deserve to have access to powerful, effective tools, techniques and supportive care, in timely and affordable ways.

I offer individual and couples counselling sessions, group therapy circles, online courses, books and audio programs, and uplifting spiritual art.

Are you ready to heal and awaken to your true potential? Let's embark on this transformative journey together.

Holistic Psychology

Deep counselling and psychotherapy to heal wounding and transmute old, stuck patterns.


Self-help materials, guided processes through books, audio programs and online courses.


Newsletters, articles and other resources.
maps for the journey

Triggering Toolkit Course

A practical online course for anyone wanting to understand what getting triggered is all about, why it happens and how to get calm and stable again quickly.
  • series of videos with key point slides
  • handbook with full text and reminders
  • powerful psychological and somatic tools

Learn how to surf out those emotional waves efficiently and effectively.


Holistic psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist

Welcome. I'm James Hands, founder and director of Awaken Therapy, based in Queensland Australia. I have trained in and developed a range of powerful modalities to make your healing journey as safe and manageable as possible. I know the courage and persistence required for profound change, so I offer patient, caring support in all my connections; in person, in writing, in courses.

  • Books, audio programs, online courses
  • Holistic Psychology, Psychotherapy
  • Clinical, Spiritual Hypnotherapy
  • Individuals, couples, groups, community
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