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Good psychology is about healing emotional blocks, replacing destructive thinking, and aligning ourselves with our deepest potential. Deep psychology is truly soul work ('psyche' is an old Greek word for soul or spirit).

Private consultations give you the opportunity to be seen and heard on the deepest level. Each session is a unique connecting between therapist and client, where you are met in the truth of your experience, without judgement or advice-giving. Every session is different; we always follow your inner-wisdom to guide us to the main theme of the moment.

Individual and couples sessions are offered in person (Gold Coast, Queensland), online via Zoom and by phone. Private, one-to-one (or two-to-one with couples!) consultations allow for focused attention on your unique issues, situation, concerns, and a tailor-made intervention.

Sessions are around 50 minutes, and are always filled with deep care, respect, professionalism and confidentiality.

Unfortunately, there can be wait times for these private consultations. However, always feel free to enquire; often the Universe opens a space for people unexpectedly.

Private Consultations may include the following elements:

Individual Sessions


The beating heart of my psychology, psychotherapy practice is the individual session. My role as therapist is to create a safe, supportive space for you to unpack anything and everything you wish to bring. 

Each session is different, because every person is unique and changing in each moment (which is why I am still fresh and enthusiastic about doing this work even after three decades!). Whether the consultation goes into problem-solving current experiences, the deepest, darkest shadow work or the most exultant spiritual expansion, all is welcome.

All you have to do is turn up.

Couples Sessions


Relationships are often the most challenging thing we do (followed closely by parenting!), because they expose our deepest vulnerabilities. We inevitably get triggered or activated by our partners, as the psyche brings old issues up for healing.

I am highly experienced at assisting couples to identify their individual issues and how they load onto the connection with their partner. I am passionate about assisting couples to do ‘the hard work of a great love’, releasing in turn each person’s wounding, to reveal the true hearts that connected in love in the beginning.

The crucible of relationship can be a place of great transformation in life. If two people have enough maturity and courage to stop blaming each other, and bring awareness to their own unfinished business, then an environment of respect and safety is created and real, healing change is possible.

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