Learning with James

Learning with James

Awaken Therapy Courses

In this post-Covid world of major changes, high stress and long waiting lists, I believe you deserve to have access to powerful, effective tools, techniques and supports in timely and affordable ways.

Personal consultations are at the heart of Awaken. However, there are not enough hours in the day to immediately assist everyone who reaches out for 1:1 help. And when we need help, we need it now. The expense of therapy and long waiting lists to see a practitioner can be overwhelming hurdles, just when we are most ready to deal with our ‘demons’.

Therefore, I have committed myself to providing you with a variety of affordable courses through Awaken Therapy, which you can access without having to wait: online workshops where you can learn with me in your own time. Each course is filled with practical education, powerful tools and accessible aids you can begin to use right away.

I look forward to sharing with you the best of what I have learned over the decades.

Doorways to Change

Online Course

Transform your life

Introductory offer - $27.00


I'm triggered!

An online course helping you surf out the waves of being activated


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