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Transpersonal psychology takes us beyond the limitations of our human personality, to explore the deeper dimensions of our being. As a holistic psychologist, I am passionate about including these broader aspects of self in the therapeutic process. By using hypnotherapy techniques, we can access states of mind beyond our normal, worldly consciousness: we can become aware of who we are beyond time and space.

When we relax very deeply, moving to brainwave levels just above sleep (you are always conscious and in control in these sessions), we can access memories that go beyond this current lifetime. This expansion of awareness beyond our usual personality reconnects us to who we are on the non-material plane, and the Greater Life of which we are an intrinsic part.

Past Life Regression can allow us to resolve patterns and issues that were not created in your current life, but have carried over from previous incarnations. There is also tremendous therapeutic value in experiencing yourself beyond the limitations of your current body-brain-personality, as it allows a ‘knowing’ of your eternal soul-Self. One never looks at death in the same fearful way, after a lived experience of being in another body. There is no death!

Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy takes you even deeper into soul-state, to experience yourself in your existence in the spirit worlds in-between incarnations. This is where we meet our truest Self, in our enduring, spiritual home. Our worldly incarnations are only temporary adventures of embodied growth and learning, that aid the evolution of our spiritual Self. These sessions allow us to make sense of our challenging life experiences, and perceive the greater purposes they fulfil.

There is a calm peace that pervades spiritual psychology sessions. We are reunited with the infinite, eternal fullness of our Selves, able to bask in the love and light of Source. Such an experience is always rejuvenating, healing and most encouraging for future living.

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