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I believe we are moving through a very challenging time of transition in our world. These rapid changes are putting our minds and bodies under enormous pressure, making us feel stressed and exhausted. While ultimately these are positive shifts for humanity and the planet, the process is certainly not easy.

Energetic shifts are also highlighting our unresolved issues, like a brighter light shining into our inner life. Our need for healing has never been greater; we need to keep clearing our old emotions, replacing negative beliefs, bringing love to our wounding, so we can stay grounded and present through the storms.

My approach to psychotherapy is a holistic combination of many different elements: various methods from psychology, clinical and spiritual hypnotherapy, Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, professional experience and cultivated intuition.

I am as passionate today about helping others through psychotherapy as I was when I took my first call at Lifeline many years ago. I feel blessed to meet so many people who are ready and willing to do their inner work and realise their greater potential for joy and freedom.

Below is more information about the different ways you can receive personal support from myself.

Awaken Therapy Community

The Awaken private online community chat room is a safe place to share with others on your parallel journeys.

Awaken Therapy Circles

The online circles are small groups of like-minded people, ready to learn, share and heal in a caring, supportive environment.

Private Consultations

Individual and couples sessions are offered online (via Zoom), by phone and in person (Gold Coast, Queensland).

Holistic Psychology

Using psychological counselling and psychotherapy, we work together to transmute the root causes of problems safely and manageably. 

Clinical Hypnotherapy

In hypnotherapy, we are able to access parts of the mind not usually available to our waking consciousness. 

Spiritual Hypnotherapy

When we relax very deeply, moving to brainwave levels just above sleep, we can access memories that go beyond this current lifetime. 

Group Sessions

Small therapy groups of like-minded people in a safe, supportive environment, are a powerful and cost-effective way to grow. 
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