Add & Subtract - 3 Pillars of Transformation Part 1

Aug 06, 2023

This week we begin looking at the 3 Pillars of Transformation


The first pillar of growth is understanding. What is going on in our experience, how does it fit in, what does it mean? Having a map of our situation allows us to know where we are and how to get to where we want.

Suggestion: Consider an issue you are struggling with at present. It could be emotional or physical pain. A relational conflict at home or work. Perhaps confusion or misunderstanding about a situation in life.

Take 10 minutes to write down the issue clearly. Engage your adult brain to consider the problem, and write down possible causes.

Now draw upon your experience to write down treatment and change options. Who can you ask or consult to find out more.

Notice how using your rational superpowers to understand the problem begins to clear a path towards resolution.

From my own writing:

“As we have looked at the different aspects of our journey - Vehicle, Terrain and Destination - we have found certain motifs repeated throughout these broad maps, infinite variations of the same theme. An understanding of how these fundamental dynamics are represented in different areas helps us to see clearly where we are, and how to change our circumstances when we are stuck down the inevitable side-alleys of life.

By recognising the basic maps as applicable in any situation, regardless of the specific details, we can make new decisions. With the power which knowledge brings, we will find it easier to choose for our highest good and get back on the road we wish to tread. Our task is to be actively involved in conscious co-creating our own journey, hand in hand with the loving support of Spirit”

Source: Maps for the Journey: A Concise Guide to Navigating Life



Often we are confused about our pain. Often we blame ourselves:

I feel guilty because I am a bad person
I feel lost because I am stupid
I have physical pain because I am being punished
As children, without the benefit of adult understanding, we often draw false conclusions about our experiences. These mistaken ideas and beliefs can lie deep within the subconscious, causing us ongoing problems and preventing effective interventions.

Shining the light of mature perspectives into our darkness is an essential and powerful pillar of our healing.

American footballer and ALS experiencer Steve Gleason:

“I look at the human life like an experiment. Every new moment, every new experience, tragic or otherwise, is an opportunity to gain a more accurate perspective and helps lead me to clarity”

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