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Nov 25, 2023

Today we enter into Community


We are slowly evolving towards a world of healthy, caring, mutually supportive communities. It is essential that we spend time envisioning how we would like to live socially, because it is our collective consciousness that will create the positive changes.

Imagine a world where there is a deep understanding of each individual’s talents and capacities, where everyone’s role is doing what they most love.
Imagine where effort and attainment are rewarded with due merit, yet all are respected equally for their contribution to the whole.
Imagine a society that revolves around a profound spiritual awareness, anchoring all human activities in the supreme meaning of the Divine.
I look forward to sharing this new earth with you.

Stuart Wilson and Joanna Prentis reveal the nature of Essene community life, through past life regression:

“Qumran, Alexandria and Damascus were like places of higher learning, of scholarly research, but they were also schools for the young ones. Most of the other communities also acted as schools, but in addition to this they were farms growing various crops, workshops with busy craftsmen, temples with dedicated priests, and places for people to build a family life with children.

So you would get a wide range of people, and sometimes the intense and mystical priests, the practical families, the busy craftsmen and the scholarly teachers had only the Essene Way holding them together.

There was a great feeling of acceptance of how things were, a contentment with the whole life of the community. We were very reliant on each other, and it was a complete and satisfying system… You sense that your worth is recognised in such a system, but also each recognises the worth of the community as a whole, so the individual and the community support and reinforce each other, and each is stronger for this.”

Source: The Essenes: Children of the Light


The world is presently shaking off the old consciousness. We are seeing the separating out of fear-based toxicity in alarming ways - terrorism, corruption, abuse - as all are called to release guilt, greed and hatred individually and collectively.

My understanding is that more than half of the world’s population is now on a spiritually-opened path, gradually healing and preparing to truly 'build back better'. The current labour pains are peaking (some say we have a couple more years of intense transition to get through), but will end eventually in the birthing of the new.

Our urgent, personal work is to face and clear whatever no longer serves, be it old trauma, negative beliefs, toxic habits or behaviours. The wider reflection of our healing is already showing in our deep grief for the horrors still playing out, our choices for better ways of responding to life’s challenges, and our conscious longing to create a more loving, harmonious world.

We learn from contrast: lower frequency experiences highlight what we don't want; higher expressions point us where we want to go. Revealed evils are sharpening our focus on what we really value; demonstrations of love are inspiring us forward.

Physician and author Gabor Mate:

“I am using “toxic culture” to characterise… the entire context of social structures, belief systems, assumptions, and values that surround us and necessarily pervade every aspect of our lives.

From a wellness perspective, our current culture… is an ever-more globalised demonstration of what can go awry. Amid spectacular economic, technological, and medical resources, it induces countless humans to suffer illness born of stress, ignorance, inequality, environmental degradation, poverty, and social isolation. It allows millions to die prematurely of diseases we know how to prevent or of deprivations we have more than enough resources to eliminate”

Source: The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness & Healing in a Toxic Culture


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