Add & Subtract - Possessions

Oct 21, 2023

Today we look at our Possessions

“The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t” Joshua Becker


Minimalism is not about having less. It is about making room for the most important things in life. Minimalism applies to all areas of life - health, work, relationships - and is a useful philosophy to apply to our worldly objects.

The approach suggests avoiding non-essential items and activities, because they only clutter and distract us, and rob us of what is more meaningful. A simpler life with only the possessions you need and love, means less money spent accumulating stuff, more time for friends, family and pursuing your passions.

Suggestion: As you move through your home, consider what possessions are being used regularly or not. Does it bring you joy? Was it worth the time and money it took to purchase it?

If it does not add to your most meaningful life, perhaps it is holding you back.

Joshua Fields Millburn on stuff:

“We are not our stuff.

We are more than our possessions.

Our memories are within us, not our things.

Our stuff weighs on us mentally and emotionally.

Old photographs can be scanned.

You can take pictures of items you want to remember.

Items that are sentimental for us can be useful for others.

Letting go is freeing”

Source: Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life


By clearing away excess possessions, we not only create a more spacious home. We also highlight what remains as more important, useful, beautiful, valuable to us in our life right now.

We also allow the universe the opportunity to bring in new things that may serve us better, which we may not recognise or have the space for otherwise. Instead of hoarding from fear and burying ourselves in stuff, we remain more open to life however it may show up.

Suggestion: Go around your home and decide on one thing from each room that could be given away, sold, put on the nature strip. Repeat each week.

For every new purchase, make sure at least one thing goes.

If you have not used something for a year, consider moving it on.

Appreciate what less cluttered and simpler looks and feels like for you.

Author Eleanor Brown:

“Physical clutter can be a way to hide what you don't want to face -- unfulfilled dreams, broken promises, or painful experiences from the past. Be gentle with yourself when you de-clutter. As you handle each item, quietly say a prayer, let it go, then move on. Trust that if you need the item, it will come back to you in another form at the proper time”

Source: The Other Serenity Prayer: Meditations on Self-Kindness

Hope these suggestions help you lighten your load. If you have any feedback, comments or questions, feel free to get in touch.

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