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Sep 23, 2023

Grab your board and let’s go Surfing


Right now, we are being bombarded with waves of change in the world. Scientifically, these changes may be related to increasing solar flares, more photons reaching earth, and dramatic peaks and shifts in the Schumann Resonance (the electromagnetic heartbeat of earth). I will leave it to those of you who are more scientifically minded to research further.

Whatever the causes, life seems to be quickening and opening up. Previously stable social structures and institutions are falling apart, as underlying problems are revealed (eg political corruption). Old givens are now being questioned (eg gender, race narratives). Greater light seems to be exposing more darkness in the world (eg Sound of Freedom movie).

Our own shadow material is also being highlighted, causing much upset for many. Anything unresolved, old, fear-based stuck in our body-mind is felt as increasing pressure as the centrifuge speeds up.

More than ever, we need strategies to help us stay on our surfboards, to ride out these big waves. Keep doing your inner work. Meditate. Turn off devices. Reconnect with stillness. Remember Heaven.

Suggestion: Write down three things you know help you feel more stable, grounded and centred. Keep the list close to remind you to practice them until they become automatic.

Author Sophia Ovidne on coping with the storm:

“The whole structure of society is breaking down in many places, even in the so-called First World countries, with people not getting the support and services they need. The world seems to have forgotten what really matters, and the foundational work to assist fellow humans is not done…

How can we get to rise above these waves and ride out these storms? It will be by raising the vibrational level of our consciousness… Those in the higher world at the upper end of the vortex, who have worked on the consciousness, will float more easily above the crises. Those of lower vibration, who are closed in heart and mind, will not survive the waves”

Source: Guide to Consciousness and the Unseen Universe



It feels awful to lose our balance and get sucked down into the churning waves, barely able to come up for air. Lower frequencies of fear-guilt-rage disconnect us from our Source and pull us off our boards.

It is important to not be blind or naive, to know what is happening within and around us. However, if we focus excessively on the negative, lower consciousness, we inadvertently feed and prolong it.

Be aware of the evil in the world, but now that we are surfing into a New Earth, where most of us will arrive and rebuild for the better. Focus on how you want your world to look and feel, what you would more lovingly for self, others, nature.

And be aware of the error within self too. What parts are stuck in old pain, needing healing and release? What low frequency thoughts, emotions, beliefs need to be cast into the fire? What do we want to own and resolve so we can leave it behind?

Joseph Campbell on sinking or swimming:

“The LSD phenomenon, on the other hand, is—to me at least—more interesting. It is an intentionally achieved schizophrenia, with the expectation of a spontaneous remission—which, however, does not always follow. Yoga, too, is intentional schizophrenia: one breaks away from the world, plunging inward, and the ranges of vision experienced are in fact the same as those of a psychosis. But what, then, is the difference? What is the difference between a psychotic or LSD experience and a yogic, or a mystical? The plunges are all into the same deep inward sea; of that there can be no doubt. The symbolic figures encountered are in many instances identical. But there is an important difference. The difference—to put it sharply—is equivalent simply to that between a diver who can swim and one who cannot. The mystic, endowed with native talents for this sort of thing and following, stage by stage, the instruction of a master, enters the waters and finds he can swim; whereas the schizophrenic, unprepared, unguided, and ungifted, has fallen or has intentionally plunged, and is drowning”

Source: Myths to Live By

Let's help each other surf out these times. Any feedback, comments or questions, feel free to get in touch.

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