Breaking Through Inner Barriers

May 16, 2024

For years, no runner could break through the four-minute mile barrier. When Roger Bannister finally achieved this goal in 1954, a psychological as well as physical barrier was broken. Over 1700 more runners have achieved this goal since.

When we do our inner work, we face barriers too. Fear prevents us from proceeding beyond our limited comfort zone, both in healing subconscious wounding and in expanding our spiritual, superconscious awareness. Our patterns can keep us stuck for our whole life, if we let them.

In our subconscious, shadow work, we need to unpack old emotions, memories, dynamics that may have become jammed up because of overwhelm. We get stuck in the more difficult, traumatic experiences. We hit up against inner, self-protective barriers which prevent us from seeing, facing, feeling what was suppressed.

To break through these barriers, it works best if we go slow, bringing as much love and compassion to the problem as we can muster. Trying to force, reject, get rid of these parts of us only generates more resistance. Remember, all parts of you are important, even the ones trapped in the worst pain. It is love that heals and moves us into greater freedom.

I encourage clients, supported in their hypnotherapy processes, to firstly gather up the love and kindness of their heart and soul. Then they have healing energy to bring into the shadows, to connect with and support the wounded parts. This gentle approach is, paradoxically, the quickest most efficient way to do the work.

For our superconscious growth, we may have to face and heal significant barriers coming from negative religious experience as well as the resistance and fear of our ego, separated mind. These barriers may have us dismissing the spiritual side of life, avoiding facing the big questions around death and meaning, being stuck when we attempt to move towards Self.

Again, love is the answer. By drawing upon patience, curiosity, peacefulness as we read, reflect, meditate upon the transpersonal realm, we are more likely to break through the barriers we hold. By keeping our mind open, our breathing full and the body still, we can turn towards Spirit and receive more in return. This deepens our knowing and encourages further exploration.

Our human body-brain-personality is designed to keep us limited, contracted, ‘safe’ in a lonely, fearful way. By turning gently and courageously towards the roots and the branches of our inner Tree of Self, we will find truth and freedom beyond our imaging. We will rediscover who we always really were.

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