Only Love Heals

Feb 11, 2024

So what is love and what is healing?

Think of love as simply better energy, or a higher frequency. Any vibration finer than our ‘resting pulse’ will be felt as love, uplifting and expansive compared to lower, contracted vibrations.

Like gravity, a higher frequency pulls a lower frequency into entrainment (see this demonstration). When we welcome this transmutation, the lower energies are dissolved. Old, stuck, negative thoughts, emotions, pain are opened up, moved through awareness and cleared forever.

Most people who come to therapy are sick of suffering, and open to new ideas, thoughts, feelings and sensations. It is when we feel broken that healing is most likely, because the stubborn shell of our human personality has been cracked open and the light can enter.

However, it is challenging to open to greater light; initially, we can experience it’s presence as uncomfortable or threatening. There is resistance at first, because it upsets our comfort zone.

Move through this stage. As Albert Einstein said, ”No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” To heal beyond our current state, we must allow in a greater consciousness, frequency, love.

Are you ready for the transformation that healing brings?


Connect with some pain, block, stuck emotion inside. See it, feel it, be curious about this old energy now holding you back.

Imagine lifting it out of your body-mind. See, feel, sense it there before you. Honour it for the experiences and growth it brought you in the past. Understand it is not bad, but simply out of date.

Call on higher energies, love, light, spiritual beings, Mother-Father God if you wish. Invite these finer energies of Life into your awareness.

Now, hand the old up and over to love. Release it, let it go. Allow the higher to receive and transmute it.

There is NOTHING that will not heal in greater light.

Offer thanks for the permanent healing that has just taken place.

A message about the essence of healing, as received by Sebastian Blaksley:

“Recognising oneself as a healer will eventually become part of the human identity, or rather, it will be recognised as part of what the human soul is because love and healing go hand-in-hand. If you are love, you cannot but be a healer. “Love” and “healing” are two ways of saying the same thing.

Only love heals. This truth has yet to be accepted, but soon it will be, universally. Without love, healing is impossible; but with it everything is healed, safe, and sound.”

Source: The Age of the Heart: The Birth of a New Heaven and a New Earth



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