We create our future world

Jun 30, 2024

The future we want is the future we will get. The life the majority of people imagine is the life we will dream into existence. When enough people want better, ideas spread rapidly and a tipping point is reach.

We are at a huge choice point right now in our journey as humanity. Lower spiritual forces have pulled the collective down into low frequency expressions, such as terrorism, corruption and social division. Higher forces are inviting us to build upon higher values, such as freedom, justice and respect for all forms of life.

We have arrived at the fork in our evolutionary road, the end of an age, a timeline split. Do we want more love-based or more fear-based expressions?

The ancient Hermetic principles recognise the power of thought, how what exists on a higher level will manifest below, that everything is vibration in constant motion and therefore can change.

Together we are responsible for the world around us, because it is always an accurate reflection of our collective mind.

Our daily choosing tends to be on autopilot, stemming from habitual thinking. This can be from the past, what we learned from our family of origin, and patterns unresolved from old trauma. Our thought choices also come from influences around us, such as advertising, media programming and propaganda.

For example, look at the slow degrading of values reflected in our ‘entertainment’. Mainstream has descended from Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance movies, “It’s a wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong, to ultraviolent revenge flicks like John Wick, and pop stars staging satanic rituals in their live concerts.

Conscious Choosing

However, out of the ashes of our declining culture is emerging a new, life-affirming stream of next-level consciousness. For example, look at the huge success of crowd-funded series “The Chosen”, the home-schooling movement, people growing their own food, stepping away from mainstream education, health and politics.

The key is making our choosing conscious. By examining our behaviours, emotions and the automatic thinking behind them, we bring the unconscious into awareness. Once something is in our conscious view, we have choice around it.

So what would you consciously choose for yourself, your family and friends, for the greater world around you? Let us dare to dream for better, let our higher choices translate into more loving lifestyles, and play our part in getting humanity to the tipping point of a significantly improved New Earth.


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