Feb 18, 2024

What we resist persists. Any part of us - physical, thought or feeling - that we reject, deny, hide or push away, will remain frozen in that state of disharmony. Over time, it will shout out louder for our attention through increasing pain and further suffering.

To heal, we need to stop judging the uncomfortable, confronting, painful parts of ourself as something “wrong, mistakes, should not be there, must be gotten rid of”. This attitude only keeps them stuck, prolonging our suffering.

Instead, we need to turn towards them with gentle compassion, understand them as parts of us that need loving attention, and bring a kind curiosity to their unpacking and transmutation.

When we find the courage to face what hurts, those parts of us start to share their stories, emptying out their experiences and shifting the energies they hold. As the wounds heal, we realise that these endarkened parts of us actually hold the greatest gifts of growth, learning and maturing.

To heal stuck emotions, mental and physical pain, we must accept them first. So see it to free it, know it to grow it, feel it to heal it.


Use these wonderful words from Donald Epstein as an affirmation for the week ahead:

“I accept myself unconditionally, with all my symptoms, conditions, and glorious imperfections. I am healing in spite of the imperfections that still appear in my body and my life. The healing power of my body mind is more powerful than I ever imagined. As I heal, I experience my whole self, including my light and my shadows.”

Source: Healing Myths, Healing Magic: Breaking the Spell of Old Illusions; Reclaiming our Power to Heal

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