The Harmonised Self

Jun 13, 2024

What is the point of all our healing work? Why do we do therapy and all the other forms of inner process?

For some, to be happy and healthy in mind and body is enough. We deal with our wounding so we can live freer, more enjoyable and productive lives, with better relationships with those around us.

Creating a more wholesome and fulfilling life may be our initial goal. Eventually however, we will start to seek more. Feel incomplete in our human happiness. Question the deeper meaning and purpose of our lives. In truth, complete contentment is elusive if we are only including our human experience in the world of form.

We all know, deep at our core, that our Being is more than just flesh and blood. Our nature more than body-brain-personality. Our consciousness expansive beyond time and space.

We remember our spiritual Self. Our healing work prepares a healthy root system for our branches to soar. We regain a knowing always there in our heart, that what we are is much more than the little, vulnerable sack-of-bones we have been so identified with and as.

Therapy, inner work always becomes a spiritual journey eventually. As we reclaim our soul identity, through conscious spiritual exploration and practice, we reconnect with who we are beyond fear, separation and the belief in death. We have access to the strength, wisdom and love of our greater Self once more.

The AA movement believes that recovery from addiction is impossible without belief and trust in a Higher Power. I believe our growth journey - seeking joy, peace, freedom and love - will always lead us to the unlimited resources of our Spiritual Self, which is an intrinsic part of All That Is.

When a healthy human ‘root system’ supports an expansive, soul-level ‘branch system’, we can live in the full creative expression of who we are. A strong conduit ‘trunk’ joins the two aspects of Self, allowing us to give and receive maximal love in the world.

Join me in the shared purpose of all people, to unify and harmonise our higher and lower Selves. To stand as mighty trees on this earth, enjoying the strength and abundance of our lives while casting shade and comfort upon those around us.

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